QNX Neutrino 6.3.0 Service Pack 2

New entries

Free cache-coherency resources when the driver is unloaded.
Flush cache line associated to a data buffer.
Register with the cache coherency library.
Invalidate cache line associated to a data buffer.

Changed content

mq_close(), mq_getattr(), mq_notify(), mq_open(), mq_receive(), mq_send(), mq_setattr(), mq_timedreceive(), mq_timedsend(), mq_unlink()
Added information about the traditional (mqueue) and alternate (mq) implementations of message queues.
nanospin(), nanospin_calibrate(), nanospin_count(), nanospin_ns(), nanospin_ns_to_count()
The nanospin*() functions are designed for use with hardware that requires short time delays between accesses. You should use them to delay only for times less than a few milliseconds. For longer delays, use the POSIX timer_*() functions.
pci_attach_device(), pci_find_class(), pci_find_device()
For a list of supported device and vendor IDs, see <hw/pci_devices.h>; for a list of class and subclass codes, see <hw/pci.h>.


Corrected the information about what this function returns.
Corrected the name of the LOG_FTP facility.
The BusNumber and DevFunc members of the pci_dev_info structure are input/output.
This function is for x86 only.
sem_close(), sem_open(), sem_unlink()
Named semaphores are now managed by procnto, not mqueue.
The description of the block_func member of the thread_pool_attr_t structure has been corrected.
vfprintf(), vprintf()
The code samples now compile without warnings.