The QNX Neutrino RTOS ships with a small number of prebuilt flash filesystem drivers for particular embedded systems. For the currently available drivers, look in the ${QNX_TARGET}/${PROCESSOR}/sbin directory. The flash filesystem drivers are named devf-system, where system is derived from the name of the embedded system. You'll find a general description of the flash filesystem in the System Architecture book and descriptions of all the flash filesystem drivers in the Utilities Reference.

If a driver isn't provided for your particular target embedded system, you should first try our "generic" driver (devf-generic). This driver often — but not always — works with standard flash hardware. The driver assumes a supported memory technology driver (MTD) and linear memory addressing.

If none of our drivers works for your hardware, you'll need to build your own driver. We provide all the source code needed for you to customize a flash filesystem driver for your target. After installation, look in the bsp_working_dir/src/hardware/flash/boards directory — you'll find a subdirectory for each board we support.

Besides the boards directory, you should also refer to the following sources to find out what boards/drivers we currently support:

Note that we currently support customizing a driver only for embedded systems with onboard flash memory (also called a resident flash array or RFA). If you need support for removable media like PCMCIA or compact or miniature memory cards, then please contact us.