Working with a BSP

Once you've installed the QNX Neutrino RTOS, you can download processor-specific Board Support Packages (BSPs) from our website, These BSPs are designed to help you get the QNX Neutrino RTOS running on certain platforms.

A BSP typically includes the following:

The BSP is contained in an archive named after the industry-recognized name of the board and/or reference platform that the BSP supports. BSP packages are available for QNX Neutrino, Windows, or Linux hosts.

The BSP components are provided in source code form, unless there are restrictions on the source code, in which case the component is provided only in binary form. BSPs are provided in a zip archive. The same archive applies to all hosts.

Note: The QNX community website, Foundry27, has more information about BSPs; see You can also check out BSPs from a Subversion repository on Foundry27.

To use a BSP, you must either unzip the archive and build it on the command line, or import it into the IDE.