The <Configuration>/<Database>/<Prune> element

The <Configuration>/<Database>/<Prune> element defines values that influence how mm-sync monitors the database size and stops synchronization of metadata if the database gets too big.

The contents of this element are:

Tag name Default Description
<MaxDatabaseSize> 0 Sets the database size threshold (in kilobytes) for stopping synchronization. The database size can exceed this value by the amount of space needed to store information for the number of files specified in <SyncInterval>, which is an indeterminate amount of space. So the threshold value serves as a size guideline but not a hard limit.

If mm-sync checks the database size during synchronization and finds that the size has grown beyond this value, mm-sync stops any ongoing synchronization of the corresponding mediastore.

A setting of 0 disables this size management; values greater than 0 enforce it.
<SyncInterval> 0 Sets the number of files added to the database by mm-sync between database size checks. Larger values means the size can exceed the threshold set by <MaxDatabaseSize> by a wider margin before mm-sync stops the synchronization. Smaller values mean more frequent size checks and hence, slower synchronizations.

A setting of 0 disables size checking; values greater than 0 enforce it.