Prescanning for nonmedia items

To prevent mm-sync from spending too much time searching through nonmedia items, you can configure parameters for the prescanning of folders. The prescanning determines which folders can be skipped from synchronization because they don't contain much (or any) media content.


The <NonMediaItems> element contains the elements that define the prescan parameters. At most one <NonMediaItems> tag may be specified in the configuration because this element controls the prescanning of all folders on all mediastores.


This element specifies the number of nonmedia items allowed in a folder before mm-sync considers it to be a system (i.e., nonmedia) folder and hence, doesn't synchronize its contents. Defining this limit prevents mm-sync from searching through sections of mediastore filesystems that contain primarily or exclusively nonmedia content.

By default, this tag is set to 0, which disables the limit on nonmedia items in a folder.

The consecutive attribute controls whether the nonmedia items must be consecutive within the folder listings to count towards the total number of nonmedia items found. For example, if consecutive is true and <MaxItems> is 50, then 50 consecutive nonmedia items must be found before mm-sync stops synchronizing the folder. Any media item found before this nonmedia items limit is reached causes the nonmedia items counter to be reset to 0.

Because the order of the folder listings is usually not guaranteed, enabling a consecutive limit can produce nondeterministic results. Hence, the attribute's default setting is false.


You can limit how many folder items mm-sync examines when prescanning a folder. Setting the <PrescanLimit> tag is useful for restricting the time spent reading a large folder (e.g., one with 20 000 items).

The default value is 0; this setting disables the limit on the items examined.

Prescan behavior

When enabled in the configuration, the prescan operation is done for each folder in the synchronization path. The prescan behavior is: