The <Configuration>/<Database>/<Synchronization>/<MSS> element

The <Configuration>/<Database>/<Synchronization>/<MSS> element configures mediastore synchronizers (MSSs) for specific mediastore types. Currently, only the synchronizers for Apple devices can be configured by this element.

The contents of the <MSS> element are:

Tag name Attribute Default Description
<dll> name Varies with plugin Names a library file that implements a synchronization algorithm for a particular device type.

For Apple devices running iAP1, you can use three synchronizers, which are implemented by the following libraries:,, and

For Apple devices running iAP2, you can use the synchronizer implemented by

Note that these synchronizers aren't included with the shipped version of mm-sync—to use them, you must purchase Apple-device support by contacting your QNX Project Manager. Then, you can learn more about these synchronizers by reading Working with iPods, which is shipped with the QNX Apps and Media interface for Apple iPod 1.0.