Multimedia Player Overview

The multimedia player service, mm-player, allows applications to browse and play mediastore content. Through mm-player, applications can obtain a list of available media sources, explore the filesytems and read media metadata from those sources, and play tracks.

The mm-player service is a media browsing and playback engine that uses lower-level system components to help it execute media commands sent by client applications. The system components allow mm-player to navigate the filesystems of mediastores, read metadata from media files, and manage media flows during playback.

The mm-player service can access many types of media sources:

Note: Starting with this release, mm-player replaces mm-control. Unlike its predecessor, mm-player can browse mediastore content (as well as play it). Also, mm-player offers a simplified set of playback commands so your media applications don't have to create and attach output zones or define track and input parameters.