Metadata associated with a media node.


#include <mmplayer/types.h>

typedef struct mmp_ms_node_metadata {
    char *title;
    int duration;
    char *artwork;
    char *artist;
    char *album;
    char *genre;
    char *year;
    int width;
    int height;
    int disc;
    int track;
    char *reserved;
} mmp_ms_node_metadata_t;


char *title
Media file title
int duration
Track duration (in milliseconds)
char *artwork
URL of filepath for artwork (NULL if there's no artwork)
char *artist
Artist name
char *album
Album name
char *genre
char *year
Year of creation
int width
Width (in pixels)
int height
Height (in pixels)
int disc
Disc number (-1 if not applicable)
int track
Track index (-1 if not applicable)
char *reserved
Reserved for future use




The mmp_ms_node_metadata_t structure stores media node metadata, which consists of track creation and runtime details. Clients can display this information in the HMI to improve the user experience.

This structure is filled in by the mm_player_get_metadata() function. The exact metadata fields that get filled in depend on the media node's file type and the plugin used to retrieve the metadata (which varies with the media source's hardware type). For instance, the artwork field is supported by the AVRCP plugin but not the POSIX plugin. Meanwhile, the duration, artist, and album fields can be populated for audio tracks but not for videos or photos. However, the width and height fields can be populated for videos and photos, but not for audio tracks.