Customizing mm-detect

The mm-detect program shipped with the QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment provides a basic service to synchronize all the media content from a device each time it's attached. You can do this from your client applications or write a tool to replace mm-detect, but you may find it most convenient to just reconfigure mm-detect to change how media information gets synchronized.

You can customize the behavior of mm-detect through command options. For example, you can name alternative schema files for defining and populating the databases that hold media metadata.

Note: If you use a nondefault database schema, you must modify the mm-sync configuration file to redefine the mapping of metadata content to database fields, based on your new schema. For details on the mm-sync configuration file, see the Multimedia Synchronizer Developer's Guide.

To pass different command options to the mm-detect process when it's started, you must change the configuration file used by the SLM utility, which launches mm-detect during bootup. For instructions on specifying the mm-detect command line in the SLM configuration file, see the Running mm-detect section.