Preventing mm-detect from running

By default, mm-detect is running on CAR systems. If you decide to manually detect and synchronize media devices in client applications, you must prevent SLM from starting mm-detect during bootup by editing the SLM configuration file.

The version of the Media Player application shipped with the QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment won't function properly if you don't run mm-detect. To use Media Player without mm-detect, you must modify the application to manually detect device attachments and synchronize media metadata, as explained in "Detecting and synchronizing devices manually".
To prevent SLM from launching mm-detect:
  1. From a command console connected to your CAR system, navigate to and open the SLM configuration file, whose full path is /etc/slm-config-all.xml.
  2. In the configuration file, locate the component that specifies the properties for mm-detect.
    This component is the <SLM:component> XML object with the name "mmdetect".
  3. Disable the component by commenting it out (using the XML syntax of <!-- and -->) or by deleting it.
  4. Save the changes to the SLM configuration file.
    In subsequent bootups of the car system, mm-detect won't be started.