Preventing mm-control from running

By default, mm-control is running on QNX CAR systems. If you decide to use a different mechanism for processing media commands, you can prevent SLM from launching mm-control during bootup by editing the SLM configuration file.

The version of the Media Player application shipped with the QNX CAR platform won't function properly if you don't run mm-control. To use Media Player without mm-control, you must modify the application to use either a replacement service or the HTML5 media extensions to execute media operations. Both of these scenarios are explained in the Deciding whether to run mm-control section.
To prevent SLM from launching mm-control:
  1. From a command console connected to your car system, navigate to and open the SLM configuration file, whose default path is: /etc/slm-config-all.xml.
  2. In the configuration file, locate the component that specifies the properties for mm-control.
    This component is the <SLM:component> XML object with the name "mmcontrol".
  3. Disable the component by commenting it out (using the XML syntax of <!-- and -->) or by deleting it from the file.
  4. Save the changes to the SLM configuration file.
In all subsequent bootups of the car system, mm-control won't be started.