Set parameters for a metadata-extraction session.


#include <mm/md.h>
int mmmd_session_params_set( mmmd_hdl_t *hdl, 
                             const strm_dict_t *dict )



The handle of the session whose parameters are being set


A dictionary of key-value pairs representing the parameters. For information on creating dictionaries and storing key-value pairs, see the Dictionary Object API section in the Multimedia Renderer Developer's Guide. For information on which keys (i.e., parameter names) are supported by the function, see the Description.




Set parameters for a metadata-extraction session. Once these parameters are set, they can't be unset or changed. Furthermore, they apply only to MDPs that haven't been used in the current session, so you should call this function just after calling mmmd_session_open() but before calling mmmd_get().

Currently, only the MMF MDP uses session parameters, which it passes to the Addon Interfaces Library (libaoi) when configuring streamers for reading files from HTTP servers. When libmd uses other MDPs to read metadata, session parameters defined through this API call have no effect. You should therefore set session parameters only if you want to read metadata from HTTP servers.

The session parameters that you can apply to MMF are the same as the HTTP-related options that you can define as context, input, or track parameters in the Multimedia Renderer Client API.


0 on success, -1 on error