Touch Events

The Input Events library provides the framework necessary for Screen Graphics Subsystem to communicate with your touch driver.

What are touch events?

Touch events are events generated by the touch controller. Screen processes the events from the touch controller through callback functions provided by the touch driver.

Applications obtain access to information on the touch events with the use of the helper function screen_get_mtouch_event().

These touch events are represented in the Input Events library by the data structure mtouch_event_t.

Information associated with a touch event that is included in mtouch _event_t are:
  • Type of touch event (e.g., touch, release, move)
  • Timestamp of touch event
  • Sequence ID of touch event
  • x and y coordinates of the touch event
  • width and height of area of the touch event
  • Orientation of the touch event
  • Pressure of the touch event
  • Contact type of the touch event

The Input Events Library Reference is intended for application developers. This table may help you find what you need in this reference:

For information about: See:
Writing your own touch driver Writing a touch driver
Writing callback functions Provide the callback functions
Connecting to the Input Events Library Connect to the Input Events library
Communicating with the touch-controller hardware Communicate with the hardware
Disconnecting from the Input Events Library Disconnect from the Input Events library
Input Events API Input Events Library Overview