Converting a non-QNX project to a QNX project

To convert a non-QNX project to a QNX project:
  1. From the menu, select File > New > Other….
  2. Expand QNX, select Convert to a QNX Project, and click Next.
    The Convert to a C/C++ Project wizard appears.
  3. Select the project(s) you want to convert in the Candidates for conversion field.
  4. Specify the language (C or C++).
  5. Specify the type of project (QNX Application Project or QNX Library Project).
  6. Click Finish.
    Your converted project appears in the Project Explorer view.
  7. For IDE 4.5 or later, to complete the conversion, you must also do the following:
    1. Right-click on the project and select Properties.
    2. On the left, expand C/C++ Build and select Tool chain editor.
    3. On the right, deselect the option Display compatible toolchains only.
    4. In the Current toolchain list, select a tool chain, such as QNX QCC.
    5. Click OK to exit the project properties page.
    6. Re-enter the project properties page to verify that all of the C/C++ Build settings are at their default values, including the error parser.
You now have a project with a QNX nature but you need to make further adjustments (e.g., set a target platform) via the Properties dialog if you want it to be a working QNX project.