Configure a target for system profiling

To perform a kernel event trace, you need to create the appropriate log configuration. You can do so through the Target Navigator view, which you can find in the System Profiler or System Information perspective.
To create a QNX Target System project:
  1. In any perspective where you might have a Target Navigator view, right-click a target, then select New QNX Target. If you don't have the Target Navigator view open, select Window > Show View > Other…, and then QNX Targets > Target Navigator.
  2. Specify a hostname or ID for your target and click Finish.
  3. Create a launch configuration that is specific to the kernel event trace using the instructions in Create a kernel event trace launch configuration.

Consider deactivating Automatic Refresh during the data capture process to ensure that the logging process doesn't encounter interference.

The System Profiler perspective also allows you to create Kernel Event Trace log configurations using the log dropdown from the toolbar.

If you don't already have a target project, you'll have to create one.

To create a target project:

  1. In the Target Navigator view, right-click and select New QNX Target.
  2. Specify the required information for your new target.
  3. Click Finish.

You can use this target project for a number of different tasks (debugging, memory analysis, profiling), so once you create it, you won't have to worry about defining your target again. Note also that the qconn target agent must be running on your target machine.