Setting IDE Preferences

The Preferences dialog (Window > Preferences) lets you customize the behavior of your environment, such as when to build your projects, which target processors to build for, and how to open new perspectives.


Besides global preferences, you can also set preferences on a per-project basis using the Properties item in right-click menus.

On Ubuntu 9.10, icons inside menus aren't displayed if you use GTK 2.18; see bug 293720 at

Workaround: Turn on the Show icons in menus option (for example, under System > Preferences > Appearance > Interface on Ubuntu 9.10).

QNX preferences

This page (Window > Preferences > QNX) lets you specify which version of the QNX Momentics IDE to use when developing your applications.

The SDK Selection options set the environment variables according to the version of the QNX Momentics tool suite that you specify. The host uses these environment variables to locate files on the host computer. By default, the IDE uses the last installed version of the software that appears in the Select SDK list in this window.

Option Description
Select SDK The name of the software development kit (SDK) you want to use, or Use Environment Variables if you want to use the one specified by the QNX_HOST and QNX_TARGET environment variables
Version The version of the QNX Momentics tool suite. You can't modify this field.
SDK Tools Path The location of host-specific files
SDK Platform Path The location of target-specific files on the host machine

The default value for each is from the version of the QNX Momentics tool suite that you last installed.