Version coexistence

You can have multiple versions of the QNX SDP installed on your host computer. In most cases, the IDE installed with the new version should work with the toolchains from earlier releases.

When you install the QNX SDP, you receive a set of configuration files that indicate where you've installed the software. The QNX_CONFIGURATION environment variable stores the location of the configuration files for the installed versions of QNX Neutrino. By default, the IDE uses the last installed version of QNX software that appears in the Select SDK list on the Global QNX Preferences page (select Window > Preferences, then select QNX).

Windows hosts

On Windows hosts, run-qde sets up the development environment before starting the IDE.

qconfig utility for non-Windows hosts

The qconfig utility lets you configure your computer to use a specific version of QNX Neutrino:

Note: In the previous example, notice that you must use the back tick character (`), not the single quote character (').

For more information about coexistence, see Coexistence in the Migrating from Earlier Releases chapter.