Structure representing a window type.


typedef struct hnm_window_type {
    const char * name ;
    unsigned int default_priority ;
    hnm_DisplayControl exclusive ;
    unsigned short max_display_slots ;
    unsigned short num_display_slots ;
    hnm_DisplayEvent ** display_slots ;


const char * name

A pointer to a string literal that expresses the window type as a string. This structure member is immutable; it should be set only at initialization.

unsigned int default_priority

The default priority used for events of the associated window type.

hnm_DisplayControl exclusive

A flag indicating whether the window type requires exclusive access to the display. This is a tri-state value that is evaluated in the decision tree used to determine if a display request can be accepted. A window type may require exclusive, semi-exclusive, or shared access to the display.

unsigned short max_display_slots

The maximum number of display slots available for the current window type. If this type isn't semi-exclusive, this value should be zero.

unsigned short num_display_slots

The number of available display slots for the current window type. If the window type isn't semi-exclusive, the value of this member should be zero.

hnm_DisplayEvent ** display_slots

An array of display slots. Each slot is a pointer to an active event. Available display slots contain NULL pointers.




This structure is used to group window type configuration data including name strings as well as exclusivity.