Data structure for the PPS Status object.


struct hnm_status_s hnm_Status {
    queue_Queue display_list ;
    bool update_display_list ;
    const queue_Queue *(* displayList )(hnm_Status *self);
    queue_Queue *(* getDisplayList )(hnm_Status *self);
    hnm_DisplayEvent *(* findDisplayEvent )(hnm_Status *self, const char *event_name);



Defines the base structure for PPS objects.

queue_Queue display_list

A list of events that affect the display modality of a subscribed HMI.

bool update_display_list

A flag that specifies whether the display_list has been changed since the last update of the Status object. This is set automatically by some of the accessor functions to ensure that changes to the display list are propagated to clients that subscribe to the Status object.

const queue_Queue *(* displayList)(hnm_Status *self)

Callback referencing the function that provides read-only access to the display list.

queue_Queue *(* getDisplayList)(hnm_Status *self)

Callback that provides read/write access to the display list.

hnm_DisplayEvent *(* findDisplayEvent)(hnm_Status *self, const char *event_name)

Callback that provides an accessor to find a named display event in the display list associated with the current Status object.




The hnm_Status structure is a specialization of the pps_Object structure and therefore has an instance of that structure as its first member. This specialization enhances the pps_Object with data that is specific to the PPS Status object.