Structure encapsulating display event specific data.


struct hnm_display_event hnm_DisplayEvent {
    hnm_WindowTypeID window_type ;
    hnm_WindowTypeID fallback_types [HNM_WINDOW_HIDDEN];
    char view [256];



Extend the base Event structure.

hnm_WindowTypeID window_type

An identifier of the requested window type. This is the preferred window type requested by an application. An alternate window type may be specified by the HNM if the event has a lower priority than the currently displayed application. This allows the information to be presented on the display without needing to change which application controls the display.

hnm_WindowTypeID fallback_types[HNM_WINDOW_HIDDEN]

An array of supported window types that can be used as a fallback in case the requested window type cannot be used for displaying application information. This list must be ordered by preference from most to least preferred.

char view[256]

A string describing the name of the view that is associated with the interaction request. This is used to identify the name of the application responsible for fulfilling the display request and to inform the application of the relevant subview.




The hnm_DisplayEvent type is a specialization of an hnm_Event, so it can be passed around as a pointer to an hnm_Event, which can be narrowed to an hnm_DisplayEvent.