Definitions in messaging.h

Preprocessor macro definitions for the messaging.h header file in the libhnm library.


#define HNM_PPS_MESSAGING_OBJECT_PATH "Messaging?server,nopersist"
Definition of the PPS path for the Messaging object.

The Messaging object is created as a server object with persistence disabled. Clients connect to the Messaging server to receive messages informing them that a transient notification is ready to be displayed.

#define HNM_PPS_MESSAGING_INITIALIZE {                          \
                .type = HNM_PPS_OBJECT_MESSAGING,               \
                .fd = -1,                                       \
                .path = HNM_PPS_MESSAGING_OBJECT_PATH,          \
                .pollfd = NULL,                                 \
                .object_data = NULL,                            \
                .pps_handler = hnm_Messaging_ppsHandler,        \
                .pps_update = NULL,                             \
} ;

HNM_PPS_MESSAGING_INITIALIZE defines the static initializer for the Messaging PPS object. This initializes a static declaration of an hnm_Messaging object.

HNM_PPS_MESSAGING_INITIALIZE sets the specified structure members:
  • .type PPS object ID used by the Messaging object.
  • .fd File descriptor (-1) for the Messaging object.
  • .path Path to the Messaging object (e.g., /pps/services/hmi-notification/Messaging).
  • .pollfd List entry used to poll for events on the associated PPS object.
  • .object_data Object-specific data.
  • .pps_handler Pointer to the hnm_Messaging_ppsHandler() function.
  • .pps_update Internal use only.