Generate the IPL to skip the image scan

The IPL normally scans for a valid system image so that it can load that image into RAM. In a production system, however, the image is a known size, so this step is unecessary. To reduce the time it takes for the image to boot, you can configure the IPL to skip the memory scan.

To build the IPL with the image scan disabled, follow the instructions to "Build a Target Image" in the Building and Customizing Target Images guide, with the following modifications:

  1. Build the BSP with the following options:
  2. Run mkflashimage:
    cd images/
    sh mkflashimage
  3. Rename and copy the generated IPL as follows, depending on your target (install_location is the location where you installed QNX SDP 6.6):
    OMAP5 5432uevm
    Rename the file sd-ipl-omap5-uevm5432.bin to MLO and copy it to install_location/deployment/qnx-car/boards/omap5uevm/sd-boot/.
    i.MX6q SABRELite
    Rename the file ipl-mx6q-sabrelite.bin to ipl-mx6q-sabrelite.binqnx660 and copy it to install_location/deployment/qnx-car/boards/imx61sabre/sd-boot/.
    Jacinto 5 Eco
    Rename the file nand-ipl-ti-j5eco_dra62x-evm811x.bin to MLO and copy it to install_location/deployment/qnx-car/boards/jacinto5eco/sd-boot/.
  4. Generate a an image by running mksysimage.bat or
  5. Follow the instructions for copying the image to an SD card and booting the image.