Media source menu

A menu of media sources is accessible at the top of each of the Play Radio, Play Music, and Play Video screens. This menu makes it easy to switch between playing music and videos from different sources.

The media sources can include:

In the media source menu, you can:

To return to the previous screen, tap the Menu control at the bottom of the screen.

The Home screen shows information about the selected song if the Music Player is active.

DLNA support

The media player supports Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) technology using the Twonky DMS. When DLNA is enabled on your target, any local DMS devices will appear in the list of available media sources.

All playback controls, including Skip and Seek, are functional for DLNA devices.

Starting DLNA

DLNA isn't set up to start by default. To start DLNA services during bootup, you must do two steps:

  1. Edit /var/etc/services-enabled and set the DLNA configuration option to true:


  2. Edit /etc/mm-player.cfg and add an entry for the DLNA plugin in the plugins object. The exact mm-player plugins listed in this configuration file depend on your system setup but in general, you should change something like this:
Note: You must reboot your target for these changes to take effect.

Verifying that DLNA services are running

Use the following commands to verify that the DLNA services are running. The pidin utility will return the PID of each service.

pidin ar | grep "dmc"
pidin ar | grep "dmr"

Tested hardware

The DLNA implementation was tested with the following hardware setup:

Hardware Description
Target boards TI OMAP5432 EVM, TI Jacinto 5 ECO, and Freescale i.MX6q SABRE Lite.
Router Cisco Linksys EA2700 wireless router. The target board was connected to the router by a Category 6 Ethernet cable.
Smartphone A Samsung Galaxy S II (model GT-19100) running Android version 2.3.3 software was used to run the DLNA server software (Twonky DMS). The device was connected by Wi-Fi to the Cisco Linksys wireless router.

For the DMS in this setup, the TwonkyServer Mobile v 2.3 DMS for Android was used.

Note: Currently, the MP3 audio format is the only supported and tested digital media type.