The Home screen appears when the HMI starts up. This screen displays a dashboard summarizing current system activity and basic settings.

The dashboard contains a live view of any navigation in progress as well as any playing media, recent messages, and a live weather feed (hardcoded for Toronto, Ontario, Canada) from The Weather Network. These information feeds are shown in separate view panes.

Taskbar and status bar

In the Home screen and all other HMI screens, the taskbar displayed along the bottom allows you to switch screens. The tab for the currently selected screen is always highlighted. The taskbar provides touch-sensitive and voice-activated tabs to navigate to the following screens:

The HMI also displays a status bar along the top. This bar shows the name of the active user, the time, the temperature inside the vehicle, and the audio volume setting.

Note: Both the Qt5 and HTML5 versions of the HMI provide the same controls for switching screens. The controls shown in the screens appear and behave the same way in both versions.