About This Guide

The User's Guide provides a tour of the QNX CAR platform's HMI and describes how to use its key features. All application developers should read this guide.

The following table may help you find information quickly:

To find out about: See:
Installing software and connecting your target Getting Ready
All the HMI applications A Guided Tour of the HMI
Switching from the default Qt5 HMI to the HTML5 HMI Running the HTML5 HMI
Using speech commands Automatic Speech Recognition
Pairing a smartphone with the car's head unit Bluetooth: Pairing Devices, Calling, and Messaging
Configuring the Ethernet connection type, accessing a Wi-Fi network, and setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot Network Settings
Applying software updates from the HMI or command line Software Updates
New automotive-relevant HTML5 apps that you can try out on your system Downloading Apps from the QNX App Portal