Target startup scripts

Buildfiles let you incorporate scripts to be run on your target. The[+script] attribute in the buildfile tells mkifs that the specified file is a script file, which is a sequence of commands that you want procnto to execute when it's completed its own startup. Script files look like regular shell scripts, except that:

To run a command, its executable must be available when the script is executed. You can add the executable to the image or get it from a filesystem that's started before the executable is required. The latter approach results in a smaller image.

For more information about script files, see "The script file" in the Building Embedded Systems User's Guide and mkifs in the Utilities Reference.

System Launch and Monitor (SLM)

The SLM service automates process management. The SLM process starts early in the boot sequence to launch complex applications consisting of many processes that must start in a certain order. The configuration file lists all the processes for SLM to manage, any dependencies between the processes, the commands for launching the processes, and other properties.

For more information about configuring SLM, see "System Launch and Monitor (SLM)" in the System Services Reference.