Network Manager (net_pps)

PPS interface to the network manager


net_pps [-A addr:port][-a]
[-c file] [-d] [if0...] [-m]
[-P script] [-p prefix] [-r name [if0...]]
[-S uid] [-s] [-u] &

Runs on:

QNX Neutrino


-A addr:port
Proxy to publish when proxy authentication is required.
Automatically configure any discovered interfaces when the link state indicates that the interfaces are connected.
-c file
Specify configuration file (default: /etc/net_pps.conf).
Enable debug messages (to stdout).
Specify prioritized list of interfaces to be considered for multihomed operation, preference of default routes, confstr resolver configuration, etc.
Use multipath routes.
-P script
Specify the script to run for updating proxy settings.
-p prefix
Add this prefix to all executable paths. This has no effect without the -s option.
-r name [if0...]
Create another routing domain (called name) with the following prioritized interface list.
-S uid
Run subprocesses as this uid.
Use standard file paths for subprocess executables (defaults: system=/usr/sbin/ user=/usr/bin/).
Automatically assume the interface is connected based on its up state. This allows shim drivers as well as drivers that don't issue link state changes to work.


The net_pps service offers a PPS interface for communicating with the QNX network manager. For more information about QNX support for networking, see "Networking Architecture" in the System Architecture Guide.

For more information about the instructions net_pps can send to the network manager, and the information it can receive, see the relevant PPS object descriptions:


The net_pps service uses the /etc/net_pps.conf configuration files. To configure network manager behavior, edit the parameters in this plain-text file.