The mlink-rtp service—RTP audio streaming

Command line

mlink-rtp [-D] [-P pps_dir] [-S]


Don't run in the background after successful initialization.
Base directory for the rtp PPS object (default: /pps/mirrorlink/).
Strictly enforce sandboxing, i.e., don't start with the default network stack. To set the network sandbox, use the SOCK environment variable. If the -S option is used, the service won't start if this environment variable isn't set. A network sandbox is highly recommended!

PPS object

The mlink-rtp service reads the rtp object for audio-streaming information published by the mlink-daemon service. For details, see the entry for /pps/services/mirrorlink/rtp in the PPS Objects Reference.

Using SLM to start the service

To use SLM to start mlink-rtp, add this component section to the SLM configuration file:
<SLM:component name="mlink-rtp">
     <SLM:stop stop="signal">SIGTERM</SLM:stop>