Keyboard (keyboard-imf)

Display and manage the on-screen keyboard


keyboard-imf [-d device] [-U group:user]

Runs on:

QNX Neutrino


The display required for the board. See "Display types" below.
The user ID and the group ID under which to run keyboard-imf.


The keyboard-imf service acts as an intermediary between applications requiring keyboard functionality and underlying keyboard services.

For more information about how keyboard-imf interacts with applications and underlying keyboard services, see "Keyboard".

Display types

The -d must be set for your board's display. For OMAP5432 boards, set it to hdmi; for SABRE Lite boards, set it to internal. Possible display types are listed in the etc/graphics.conf configuration file. When you are configuring your system, you will need to edit this file and enter the display type(s) supported on your board, as well as other graphics configuration values.

For more information about the etc/graphics.conf configuration file and how to configure it, see the chapter "Screen Configuration" in the Screen Graphics Subsystem Developer's Guide.

PPS objects

Applications must subscribe to this PPS object to communicate with the keyboard.

The HMI keyboard service creates these PPS objects to communicate with keyboard-imf:
In addition, the keyboard-imf service creates this PPS object:
  • /pps/services/input/control/. This object is for internal communication between keyboard-imf and the HMI; other components and applications don't need to publish or subscribe to this object.