The Geolocation service provides the current location of the client based on its IP address.

Upon receipt of a location request message from the client, the Geolocation service queries to get the current location, based on the client's IP address. The correctness of the result depends on the contents of the database that provides. If the client's IP isn't in the database, an incorrect location might be returned.

Client queries about location information can be made using the following PPS command:
(exec 3<>/pps/services/geolocation/control?wait && echo 'msg::
' >&3 &&
cat <&3)
where period specifies the interval between updates from the server. If the period is 0 then the update is provided only once. The Geolocation service responds to the client in the following format in the control object:

The QNX CAR browser also uses the Geolocation service to query the location as shown above.

The Geolocation service is multithreaded and can handle requests from multiple clients at the same time.

For more information about the PPS objects the Geolocation service uses, see these entries in the PPS Objects Reference: