Artwork Client (artwork_client_car2)

Retrieve multimedia artwork.


artwork_client_car2 -p tmp_path -c cache_path
                    [-n client_name] [-s cache_size] 
                    [-w write_frequency] [-l max_lookups] [-t]

Runs on:

QNX Neutrino


-p tmp_path
The path to the temporary location where artwork will be placed.
-c cache_path
The path to the artwork cache to be used.
-n client_name
The name of the artwork client. Default is albumart_client.
-s cache_size
The size of the artwork cache, in bytes. Default is 1 MB.
-w write_frequency
The frequency, in milliseconds, for the artwork client to write to persistent storage. Default is 100.
-l max_lookups
The maximum number of artwork items that the artwork client will look up and store. Default is 100.
Generate thumbnails. Default is false.


The artwork_client_car2 service retrieves album artwork. SLM starts this service at system startup.