Acoustic processing tuning files (.qcf)

The QNX CAR platform handsfree telephony component includes a configuration file with keys for tuning io-acoustic.

The QNX acoustic processing module uses binary configuration files to tailor the acoustics (AAP) library for specific vehicle environments. These files are placed in the /etc/acoustic/ directory, and are identifiable by their .qcf extension. You are note required to use an acoustic processing file when implementing a system built on the QNX CAR platform. However, we recommend that you use one in order to be able to tune your acoustic processing for the best possible performance in your vehicles' acoustic environments.

If your acoustic environment is substantially different from the one for which the default acoustic tuning file was defined, you may want to use another tuning file. In this case, you must set the qcf key in the io-acoustic configuration file to the path to your custom file. For example: qcf /etc/acoustic/mono.qcf, or qcf /etc/acoustic/custom.qcf.

Note: You may be required to sign additional royalty agreements if you plan to use the full suite of QNX advanced acoustic processing features in your production vehicles. Please contact your QNX representative for more information.