The appinst-mgr service listens for commands from the HMI on this control object

Any app
appinst-mgr; any app
Note: The appinst-mgr service is provided as a reference design for your convenience.


The appinst-mgr service is used by the QNX App Portal client to install/uninstall apps. QNX App Portal is an application showcase where developers can submit their apps for users of the QNX CAR platform to download and evaluate on their targets.

The appinst-mgr service subscribes to the /pps/services/appinst-mgr/control object for commands that apps want to issue, and then publishes results to the /pps/services/appinst-mgr/status object.


Command Description
install Download and install the specified .bar file from the specified URL. Note that you must also specify the app's 32-character authtoken.
uninstall Uninstall the installed app specified in the appname field.


Install the HelloWorld.bar file that resides at and has an authentication token of 85vD2COZBmBjDVGlR3mooOttcqysfLFb:

echo "command::install\nurl::\n authtoken::85vD2COZBmBjDVGlR3mooOttcqysfLFb\n" >> /pps/services/appinst-mgr/control

Uninstall the HelloWorld app:

echo "command::uninstall\nappname::HelloWorld\n" >> /pps/services/appinst-mgr/control