This object contains HVAC settings such as fan speed, heated seat levels, etc.

Climate Control
Climate Control; any app


Attribute Data type Values Default
airConditioning_all Boolean true | false false
airRecirculation_all Boolean true (recirculate internal air) | false (use external air) false
defrost_all Boolean true | false true
fanDirection_row1left String defrost | defrostAndfeet | face | faceAndFeet | feet faceAndFeet
fanDirection_row1right String defrost | defrostAndfeet | face | faceAndFeet | feet face
fanSpeed_row1left Number 0 (off) to 6 (full speed) 1
fanSpeed_row1right Number 0 (off) to 6 (full speed) 3
heatedSeat_row1left Number 0 to 3 2
heatedSeat_row1right Number 0 to 3 0
temperature_row1left Number 15 to 26 (oC) 21
temperature_row1right Number 15 to 26 (oC) 19
zoneLink_all Boolean true | false false

Zone Link

When enabled, the Zone Link feature links the fan temperature and speed values for both the left and right climate zones.

The left climate zone takes priority when enabling this feature, that is, the right zone will have its fan temperature and speed set to that of the left. Disabling Zone Link will once again allow both zones to be managed independently.


Set the left-zone temperature to 20 oC:

echo temperature_row1left:n:20 >> /pps/qnxcar/hvac

Set the right-zone fan speed to 4:

echo fanSpeed_row1right:n:4 >> /pps/qnxcar/hvac

Turn rear defrost off:

echo defrost_all:b:false >> /pps/qnxcar/hvac