Control object for the applications launcher

Applications Navigator
Any app
Note: This type of object is known as a server object, a special PPS object designed for point-to-point communication between a server and one or more clients. For details, see "Server objects" in the Persistent Publish/Subscribe Developer's Guide.

Message/response format

Commands sent to the /pps/services/launcher/control object should be in this form:


Responses always reflect the command_string and ID_number that were sent in the message:



msg:: dat:: id::
start Application to launch (string from the app's directory name and key found under /apps). Number (or any other identifier).
stop Application to close.
Note: This must be the identifier returned in the dat attribute of the start response.
Number (or any other identifier).


The HTML5 version of the Navigator (also called Applications Window Manager) isn't intended to work with applications that are started or stopped from the command line. As a result, commands such as the following may not work as expected.
Launch the Communication application by writing the following to the /pps/services/launcher/control object:
The server responds with:
You must pass 2015282 to the stop command to close this application.
Close the Communication application by writing the following to the /pps/services/launcher/control object: