Status object for HMI Notification Manager

HMI Notification Manager
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The Status object is used to expose the HMI Notification Manager's internal state. This object publishes the status of the various output modalities. Note that this may not represent the actual state of the output modalities, but rather the manager's belief of what they are.
Note: For this release of the QNX CAR platform, the HMI Notification Manager supports only the display interaction modality.
An attribute is defined within the object to publish the internal state of the display. This attribute's value is a JSON list that specifies which applications should currently be displayed. The display attribute has the following format:
In this example, the display currently has a single modal view called Home. The following example shows the contents of the display attribute in the case where a nontransient notification is to be displayed along with the Home application:

The HMI Notification Manager doesn't mandate how the HMI lays out the display in this case.