Directory for objects used by the Boot Manager and HMI

Boot Manager; HMI
Boot Manager; HMI


The Boot Manager and the HMI use the /pps/services/bootmgr/ directory as a means to inform each other of which apps to launch and in what order.

The /pps/services/bootmgr/ directory contains the following objects:
The HMI uses the last_tab attribute in this object to publish the name of each app selected via the tabs on the screen. The history object persists across reboots, so by subscribing to this object, the Boot Manager can know the last app that was selected and will start that app first when the system boots.
The Boot Manager creates an object in this directory for every app that's specified in the /base/etc/slm-config-modules.xml file. The HMI reads the .all object in the modules_ready/ directory and launches the apps listed there. The objects themselves are empty and nonpersistent.

Sample history object


Sample .all object

Note: The Boot Manager collaborates with the System Launch and Monitor (SLM), a special service that automates process management. For more information, see the entry for SLM in the System Services Reference.