Application management

Managing the application life cycle (starting and stopping applications) in Qt5 HMI is achieved through the Launcher API (QtQnxCar2 library) and the QPPS library.

The Qt5 Application manager uses the QPPS library to access PPS.

The figure below shows how an application is launched in the Qt5 Application manager:

  1. A touch or ASR event triggers the Qt5 Application manager to launch an application.
  2. The Qt5 Application manager communicates through the Launcher API (QtQnxCar2 library).
  3. The Launcher API uses the QPPS library to access PPS..
  4. The Launcher reads the PPS object and begins launch procedures.
  5. The Launcher asks the authorization manager to check permissions to launch the application.
  6. When it receives authorization, the Launcher completes the application launch.
Figure 1. Step-by-step view of how Qt5 application manager launches an application

Stopping an application follows a very similar flow to launching an application. The same libraries and the Launcher is used to terminate the application. The stopping of an application can be triggered by a touch or ASR event, or by the application itself.