Bluetooth Databases

The QNX CAR platform uses the following Bluetooth databases:

Storage file Description
bluetoothdb.db Core database—contains authentication data for connecting to devices.
phonebook.db Phonebook database—contains PBAP-specific data.
messages.db Messages database—contains MAP-specific data.

Each Bluetooth database has a raw SQLite storage file (.db) and a schema file (.sql) that defines the schema for creating the database. The phonebook and messages databases each have an additional .sql file that populates the database with initial data.

Database backups

The system keeps two backup copies of the core database (bluetoothdb.db) in these directories:
  • /var/db/backup/
  • /var/db/backup2/

A backup is made whenever a device is paired or connected. Each backup overwrites the older of the two existing backup files. This policy ensures that if the system crashes after many devices have been paired, none of these devices will have to be paired again when the system reboots because their authentication data can be recovered from the backups.