Common Mechanisms

The QNX CAR platform includes defined mechanisms that you can leverage when you extend or replace architectural components.

The PPS service provides persistence so that objects and their attributes can persist across reboots. For descriptions of all the objects that reside on the QNX CAR platform, see the PPS Objects Reference.
Interprocess communication
PPS provides services for components to communicate with each other in a loosely coupled fashion. For finer-grained, deterministic IPC, use the services provided by the OS itself. For details, see "Interprocess Communication (IPC)" in the QNX Neutrino RTOS System Architecture guide.
Native apps use the system slogger (or slogger2) facility. HTML5 apps use the JavaScript console.
Application packaging
Native and HTML5 apps must be packaged before being installed on the QNX CAR platform.
Application installation
Instructions for installing a packaged app are included in Application and Window Management (in your QNX SDK for Apps and Media package).