HMI Notification Manager

The HMI Notification Manager handles asynchronous, multimodal events based on predefined priorities.

The manager appraises incoming events, applies appropriate rules specified in its configuration file, and then notifies all HMI subscribers via PPS. Like a window manager, the HMI Notification Manager decides when and how events should get processed, based on their priority, and determines whether or not to notify the user via the HMI. But unlike a window manager, it also responds to low-level system services using various input modalities and can manage various outputs in addition to a video display (e.g., you could use the manager to handle audio streams).

Suppose an event such as an incoming phone call occurs. The HMI Notification Manager will notify the Navigator application, which will automatically switch to the appropriate screen for the user to deal with the event, and then automatically switch back to the previous screen when that event has finished (e.g., the phone calls ends). Based on priorities set in the configuration file, the HMI Notification Manager can prioritize competing events—an incoming call versus a low-fuel alert—and apply the appropriate policy for handling them.

For more information, see the HMI Notification Manager guide.