High Availability

The modular, microkernel architecture of the QNX Neutrino RTOS enables faults to be isolated, down to the driver level. Together with the High Availability framework's "smart watchdog", this architecture helps your system recover from faults automatically. This approach enables you to develop truly self-healing systems.

Our High Availability technology provides:

Instant fault notification
The watchdog automatically detects process faults, triggering recovery procedures. Heartbeating technology can detect nonfatal errors.
Customized failure recovery
Using the High Availability framework library, your system can tell the watchdog what recovery actions to take if an error occurs.
Instant reconnections
The High Availability framework includes a client-recovery library that lets your system instantly reestablish broken connections if a component fails.
Postmortem analysis
If a process faults, the High Availability framework can generate a full memory dump for analysis.
Resilience to internal failures
The watchdog employs a self-monitoring "guardian" that can take over if the watchdog itself fails.

When the watchdog detects component failures, it notifies the system and then manages recovery.