Preparing a bootable SD card

You can prepare a bootable SD card from either of the supported SDP 6.6.0 host environments.

About preparing a bootable SD card

Many of the target systems supported by QNX SDP 6.6 BSPs are capable of loading the QNX IFS boot image from an SD or micro-SD card. Many of these targets are also capable of executing the primary boot loader (whether it's U-Boot or the QNX Initial Program Loader (IPL)), directly from the SD card. In most cases, a DOS-compatible FAT32 partition is required on the SD card.

This section presents instructions for preparing your SD card with a DOS FAT32 filesystem, for each of the supported SDP 6.6 host environments (Windows and Linux). In either case, you will need a host PC that has an SD slot, or else use an external USB SD card adapter.