Audio status list attributes

The configuration file can be used to specify default values for the attributes of the audio status list.

The "Status" configuration value contains configuration details that value specify the default values for the audio status list attributes. It sets values for Attributes and Devices.


The "Attributes" value defines default values of audio streams.

Attribute Description
audio.mode The type of stream. Supported values include "audio", "record", "video", and "voice".
input.gain Gain to apply to input, as percentage of maximum possible.
input.muted Default state for the input stream: "true" (muted) or "false" (not muted).
hpoverride.supported Audio-boost override is or is not supported: "true" (supported) or "false" (not supported).
hpoverride Audio-boost override is on: "true" (on) or "false" (off).
hpboostlevel The unsafe volume level for headphones, as percentage of maximum possible volume.
  The unsafe volume range for headphones. How is this expressed?
output.available Available output device; must be a device type defined in Definitions in audio_manager_device.h.
hpoutput.regulated Set to "true" if the headphone output volume is limited by regulations (e.g., the setting may be 100% by an app, but the regulation limits the volume to 90%).
hpoutput.unregulatedlevel The volume level, as a percantage of maximum possible, when output is not regulated.


The "Devices" value defines default input and output behaviors, by device type. For a list of device types, see Definitions in audio_manager_device.h.

Attribute Description
output.speaker.volume The default volume, measured as defined by the device type "volumecontrol" attribute. For example, if the "volumecontrol" attribute value is "percentage", then a value of "75" sets the default output speak volume to 75 percent of maximum.
output.speaker.muted Default state for the output speaker "true" (muted) or "false" (not muted).
input.speaker.gain The amount of gain applied to the input speaker, as a percentage of the maximum possible gain.
input.speaker.muted Default state for the input speaker "true" (muted) or "false" (not muted).