The prompt visual dialog.


struct asrp_visual_dialog asrp_visual_dialog_t {
    const char * header ;
    int num_items ;
    const char ** item ;
    const char * footer ;
    const char * cancel_button ;
    asrp_response_cb_t response_cb ;
    void * data ;


const char * header
Text to display above the array of items.
int num_items
The number of items in the array.
const char ** item
The items to display.
const char * footer
Text to display below the array of items.
const char * cancel_button
Text to display on the cancel button.
asrp_response_cb_t response_cb
A callback to be invoked on the OK button.
void * data
Data to be passed in the response callback.




This type is used to set text to be displayed to the user in a visual dialog in the HMI. The elements of this type represent the header and footer of the dialog, an array of items to display in the center of the dialog, and text to be displayed on the cancel button, as well as a callback function and optional data to pass to the callback.