The prompt information type.


struct asrp_prompt_info asrp_prompt_info_t {
    asrp_processing_flags_t prompt_flags ;
    const char * audio_url ;
    const char * disp_url ;
    asrp_visual_dialog_t visual_dialog ;
    cfg_item_t * payload ;
    asrp_response_cb_t response_cb ;


asrp_processing_flags_t prompt_flags
The type of prompt.
const char * audio_url
The URL for the audio source for an audio prompt.

Acceptable formats include file:// and string:// for text for TTS; wav:// for an audio file to play.

const char * disp_url
The URL for a noninteractive display (text bubbles and other simple notices).
asrp_visual_dialog_t visual_dialog
The visual dialog to display.
cfg_item_t * payload
Data that can be provided for the caller's consumption.

This member can express arbritrary information, so is useful for providing text to display or audio files to load.

asrp_response_cb_t response_cb
Optional callback from the prompt module (on-screen dialogs defined in the payload).




This type represents information required to produce a prompt.