The prompt interface.


struct asr_prompt_interface {
    const char * version ;
    asrp_module_hdl_t *(* connect )(const asrp_module_interface_t *pmif, unsigned pmif_size, void *module_data);
    int(* slog )(asrp_module_hdl_t *mod, int severity, const char *format,...) __attribute__((format(printf;
    int(*) asrp_processing_flags_t(* start )(asrp_prompt_info_t *pi);
    void(* stop )(asrp_processing_flags_t prompt_services);
    void(* reset )(void);
    void(* active_help )(void);
    void(* section_help )(cfg_item_t *section);
    asrp_processing_flags_t(* play_tts )(char *fmt,...) __attribute__((format(printf;


const char * version
The version of the module.
asrp_module_hdl_t *(* connect)(const asrp_module_interface_t *pmif, unsigned pmif_size, void *module_data)
The connect() callback function.
int(* slog)(asrp_module_hdl_t *mod, int severity, const char *format,...) __attribute__((format(printf
The logging callback function.
int(*) asrp_processing_flags_t(* start)(asrp_prompt_info_t *pi)
The start() callback function.
void(* stop)(asrp_processing_flags_t prompt_services)
The stop() callback function.
void(* reset)(void)
The reset() callback function.
void(* active_help)(void)
The active_help() callback function.
void(* section_help)(cfg_item_t *section)
The section_help() callback function.
asrp_processing_flags_t(* play_tts)(char *fmt,...) __attribute__((format(printf
The play_tts() callback function.




This data structure represents the high-level interface between the prompt module and io-asr. The callback functions provide the mechanism for io-asr to request actions from the prompt module.