The recognition result.


struct asr_result asr_result_t {
    asr_result_t * next ;
    char * recognizer_id ;
    asr_result_type_t type ;
    asr_result_tag_t tag ;
    char * grammar_name ;
    char * start_rule ;
    char * recognized_speech ;
    int entries ;
   	union {
		    asr_terminal_t *terminal; 
		    asr_intent_t *intent;


asr_result_t * next
A pointer to the next result.
char * recognizer_id
The ID of the recognizer that generated this result.
asr_result_type_t type
The result type of this result.
asr_result_tag_t tag
The result tag of this result.
char * grammar_name
The name of the grammar used to interpret this result.

This is "dictation" for NL (natural language) recognizers.

char * start_rule
The name of the rule to use to fulfill the user's command.
char * recognized_speech
The string representing the recognized speech.
int entries
The number of entries (either terminal or intent).
anonymous union
asr_terminal_t * terminal
The array of terminals for this result.
asr_intent_t * intent
The array of intents for this result.




This type represents the recognition result, which is the text representation of the spoken utterance. The result is either a terminal or an intent.