Overview of the Runtime for APK

The QNX Runtime for APK allows you to run APK applications on QNX platforms.

About the QNX Runtime for APK

The Runtime for APK is a QNX component used for executing applications that are packaged in the industry-standard .apk format. APK applications are commonly developed in Java and compiled for Dalvik. They take advantage of the rich Java API and high-performance graphics libraries such as OpenGL ES.

The large community developing APK applications means that there are many options for tooling and libraries, including generic libraries and vendor-specific APIs. The QNX Runtime for APK supports most APIs for the APK format. Only APIs that are irrelevant to QNX platforms, such as those specific to telphony or SMS, are not supported. For more detailed information, see "Compatibility and compliance".

The QNX Runtime for APK environment can be integrated into systems and HMIs running other technologies such as HTML5, Qt and OpenGL ES. See "Architecture" for details.

Supported apps

The QNX Runtime for APK supports the vast majority of applications written for Android devices; these APK applications can be run without modification on QNX platforms. However, apps that use libraries that are not in Google's Android SDK: Google Play Services, Google Maps, Google Voice, are not supported on QNX platforms. Use of these libraries is governed by an agreement with Google.

Demo apps

The following demo apps are included on QNX platforms:

Note: The demo applications are present in the HMI if the Runtime for APK is running.