Adaptive partitioning for the Runtime for APK

The APK runtime uses about 110MB RAM plus whatever the applications consume.

The memory consumption of apps varies significantly, but each app is typically in the range of 5 to 50MB.

To make the most efficient use of system memory, the script creates adaptive partitions for the APK runtime. There are four partitions, with execution budgets (specified in as follows:
Partition Budget (%)
System (outside APK runtime) 60
Foreground (APK runtime) 40
Background 0
Stop 0
Note: The total execution budget is always made available to APK runtime; therefore if system resources are available, APK runtime can consume up to 100% of the budget. If there are other processes or threads consuming system resources, you can be assured that APK runtime will still have at least 40% of the execution budget.

For more information about adaptive partitioning, see the Adaptive Partitioning User's Guide.